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Become A Home Based Typist/Transcriptionist

“Work from home” is a rapidly growing and convenient way of earning money. Instead of commuting to and fro from work place and spending precious time doing so, a person can easily work from the comfort of his/her home. The work of typist transcriptionist at home is especially suitable for women with children as they can schedule the work time as per their ease.  

In addition to that, anyone who is interested in adding a little more to his income and utilizing his free time can be a typist transcriptionist at home and enjoy the pleasure of financial independence. This work is ideal for people who are unable to go out and work due to any reason like family obligations or health problems.

The basic requirements to be a typist transcriptionist at home is to have a good typing speed of 35 to 60 words per minute, computer savvy and a good command over the English language-spelling, vocabulary and grammar. 

Typist transcriptionist at home can take the work as medical transcriptionists. A medical transcriptionist’s job involves converting spoken medical words or jargons into a typed format. The job of a medical transcriptionist is very much in demand. But before getting into this field, one should undertake a course of medical transcription that is for a period of six months to a year depending on the institute. 

If you think reading medical books or some online stuff would be sufficient to equip with this profession, the thought is incorrect. As a considerable time and money is involved in undertaking the training, it is a good idea to enroll oneself in a reputed training institute. The course on medical transcription familiarizes an individual with the human physiology, medical ailments, drugs, treatments, and medical terminology so that it is easier for him to comprehend the complex terminologies later on. 

Besides this, an individual gets to learn the various tools associated with this job. But this course is usually a little expensive. Students undertaking the course of medical transcription should take up general transcribing for academicians, researchers and so on. This would provide them with a platform for honing their listening skills, improving their typing speed as well as an opportunity to earn some extra cash.  

For a typist transcriptionist at home job, once the course is over or on the verge of completion, the student can start looking for by attending medical transcription forums, newspaper advertisements, contacting and networking with doctors in his area. Payment for the typist transcriptionist is based on the speed, quality and accuracy. The earning potential for the right candidate in this field varies from $2000 per month to $5000 per month. Once an individual starts working, it is not difficult for him to get the return on his investment within four or five months. 

In the past, typing transcription was not considered to be a career but the trend is changing now. With the era of globalization, many foreign multi nationals are now setting up offices in developing countries. These companies offer competitive pay packages, flexibility of work etc. thus attracting a large number of youngsters with an aspiration of making a career out of it. The scope and demand of typist transcriptionist at home is constantly increasing which means that there are still many who can work at their convenience from the comfort of their home.


Another way to supplement your income is to become a proofreader.


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