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Adwords failure

My approach caused me to fail at Google Adwords. Most people I speak to about my Internet Marketing strategies seem to take in what I tell them but their main concern is “how much money are you making”. This was my approach when I started searching for instructions on how to make money using Adwords.

If you view success as having a large balance in you're bank account or having flashy material items then you too will fail at your business ventures. Its fine to dream but when you implementing your success strategy you need to focus on realistic goals.

What it takes to become successful should be the most important aspect of success but that is not the case among the unsuccessful.  I too am guilty of wanting the cash before I really knew how or what it took to get it.

I purchased an eBook tutorial on how to be successful at Adwords. Before I finished the eBook I started an advertising account with Google and began to advertise. My pay per click advertisements earned me zero dollars, and cost me $500.

$500 was all I wanted to loose so I hit the books again until I finished and then I purchased another eBook and thoroughly read it too. After reading both books and highlighting key points I knew Adwords was to risky for me at this time.

To succeed at Adwords you need to know what turns users into purchasers and how to recognize a product that will be attractive to those looking for products and services online.

Some use landing pages to entice users to purchase the product or service they are promoting via Adwords. Landing pages can be a thorough review of the product or service that gives just enough information excite the user who will then purchase the product for more information.

"With Google Adwords, you create tiny ads in a high search volume market (preferably a niche); and entice individuals who are interested in purchasing to do so via your ad."

In my failure, I could entice people to click on my ads but they weren’t purchasing so I was paying for clicks but not getting any return on that money.

I was enticing the wrong people and it started to get expensive. Tailoring your ads to only attract those interested in purchasing is the key to success with Google Adwords.

Affiliate marketing with Adwords

Affiliate marketing allows vendors (Publishers) to get their product or service to a broad market. Publishers split part of the sale with those that drive buyers to their website.

Websites such as Commission Junction, Clickbooth, and Linkshare offer webmasters the opportunity to advertise products of well known companies.  

Most major advertisers want to review your website before allowing you to advertise which makes since. You would not want to advertise computers on a website about Game Fishing.

These companies pay far less in commissions than the Publishers from but if you get a few thousand or more visitors to your website (some get over 1 million) and your website content is what it should be then you're going to make some money.

Publishers on Clickbank pay their affiliates up to 50% of the money earned on a sale. Clickbank’s products are e-based meaning anything downloadable online like eBooks’.

The best part is that it costs you nothing to advertise someone else’s product and if you have a website related to what they offer you have the perfect setting to earn Adwords revenue. 

Lets say you have a website about plant care packed with articles related to plants and plant care with over 10,000 or so users per month. You could use Adwords to drive visitors to your site (because your content is worth reading). Then you could strategically place an affiliate ad within the content of the landing page.

It would be logical to say that you have a semi targeted audience that you could market all sorts of plant products to. Right? You can also use opt-in email marketing with Adwords.

There are tons of e-books on how to profit from Adwords I recommend you do research on any e-book prior to purchase see how it fared with its users. You can find tons of online reviews in Internet business forums.


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