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Article Marketing for Website Promotion

Are you aware, that you could dramatically increase your website traffic by submitting 500 plus word Articles to several hundred Ezines? Of course, their are some drawbacks to Free Article Directory Submission which makes it an unpleasant marketing strategy for most Internet Marketers.

There are paid article directories but why pay when the free directories will serve the same purpose?

Anyone that tells you submitting articles to Directories/Ezines will instantly bring a flood of traffic to your website is spinning the truth.

Submitting Articles to multiple Ezines/Article directories sounds like it would be one of the easiest ways to draw traffic to your website (you write an article, submit the article and sit back while traffic rolls in…NOT).

The truth is that, article submission to directories is time consuming and like anything else can yield frustrating results if not done properly.


What could be so complex about writing an article and submitting it online?

If you start by writing an article “willy-nilly, off the cuff, off the top of your head” you’ve only done a fraction of the job and it still may be incorrect.

  • First, determine the overall use of the article. If it is to generate traffic, what do you want that traffic to do when it reaches your website?

  • Then, tailor the “willy-nilly” article you’ve written to attract the attention of your target. Or write a new article.

  • Submit your article 400-500 article directories.

It is a good practice to get people interested in what you're writing about, granted what you’re writing about is directly relevant to your online business. Keyword and keyword phrase research will give you an idea of what to include in your articles.

Some article sites allow you to submit a link in your article that links back to the page in your website where the article is posted. Most article directories only allow you to link back to your home page in the resource box and allow no article links.

Linking to your website is beneficial because of the number of quality backlinks it will generate.

Whatever the case you need to have your webpage’s fine tuned so that every visitor to your site takes full advantage of what you have to offer.

Let’s talk about your website…

It is sometimes best to start with a fresh website with no articles rather than one with tons of broad articles with no focus. But if you do have tons of articles you may only have to reword them so they motivate visitors to your service.

What is your “Service?”

If you have a solid product that people have a need for you’re ahead of the game. if you are simply starting with pay per click ads your articles can motivate your visitors (targeted traffic) to do exactly what you want them to do. Or, if you do not have a product then you are still in good shape because there are thousands of affiliate products available.

You can turn your Article marketing campaign into an email opt-in list campaign. Any traffic to your website should be offered free “how-to” information in exchange for their email address. This will allow you to build a relationship with your visitors.

Lets stay focused on Article Submission. How many articles do you submit and when?

Ask fifteen Internet Marketers how many articles to submit in one week to article directories and you will get 20 different answers. Fact of the matter is that there is no “penalty” for mass submitting articles to directories. If an article site has a question about your submission frequency they will email you.

Another area of concern would be the quality of the article directories you submit to. You can submit an article to a directory with little traffic and not get your article read as often but your URL will get crawled by search engine robots giving you another backlink. Submitting to high traffic directories will get your article read, crawled and some will use your article content on their website, I call these the Big Three: [benefits from article submission]

  1. Read: [audience, targeted traffic]

  2. Crawled: [backlinks, search engine indexing]

  3. Downloaded: [backlinks, readership]

On the other hand, you only want to add n two articles per week to your website just to stay clear of any "auto generated website" alarms that may go off with search engines.

Auto generated websites tend to have a good but short lived run in search engine indexes before getting de-indexed. Its better to grow your website naturally.

If you’re a seasoned or slightly seasoned Internet Marketer you’re probably wondering why you haven’t read anything in this article about Article Submission software.

Who uses Article Submission Software?

Anyone that does not have time or finances to hire a “professional company” to submit 4-5 articles a week to 400 plus different article directories should consider using article submission software.

Article Post Robot is one such submission software that allows you to not only submit one article to over 500 directories it also has a feature allowing you to submit to over 50 mailing lists.


  • Auto submit articles to over 500 directories with one click

  • Manually submit articles one at a time if you choose

  • Mail List submission option

  • Regular updates of additional directories

  • Auto rotation of word, paragraph text, and summary

  • Backup and restore feature

  • Project load and save feature

  • The developer responds promptly to emails

  • There are hundreds of directories in the list that do not need memberships

  •  The auto submitter can run in the background while you work on other projects on the same PC.


  • It takes “F O R E V E R” to subscribe to the 300 plus directories that require a signup (this would be the same with any article submission software).

  • You have to ad a pen name to the majority of the signup only directories before your article can be submitted by the A.P.R. submitter.

  • You must have the highest quality anti-spyware and antivirus software installed and up-to-date on your computer (you should have this regardless).

Article Post Robot is the Article submission software I recommend for the novas to advanced Internet Marketer who values their time and money.


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