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Start An Online T-Shirt Business Today.

Online T-shirt sales has become a lucrative business. In a brief conversation with an entrepreneur that owned a T-shirt kiosk and also has a website I learned they had a need for website optimization.

I have learned that most entrepreneurs with traditional brick and mortar businesses may also have a website but do not know how they can target and optimize their virtual commerce (make money online). 

After exchanging business cards I explained that I was researching Internet Marketing strategies that gave websites the online exposure they needed to attract online customers.  

Research on how the “T-shirt” business fares online turned up some impressive numbers. I was a bit taken back by what I found.

Since Google is the most frequented search engine I used a free Keyword research tool at: ( to find out how many searches per month are done on the word T-shirt and closely related synonyms such as

  • wet t-shirt,

  • custom t-shirt,

  • funny t-shirt, etc. 

At the time of this article there was an 157,161 estimated monthly search volume for “t-shirt” (89,806 was done on Google alone). This got me to thinking how could a traditional brick and mortar t-shirt shop profit online. Well for one it appears that people are buying t-shirts online so that’s not a problem.

How do you find those small pockets of people who like specialty t-shirts?  Using keyword tools are great to get a broad estimate of how often words and phrases are being used in search engines. I also used Google to find more synonyms for t-shirt and their search volume.

 ( KeywordToolExternal?save=save&keywords=t%20shirt)

Google should always be used as a tool to drill deeper into possible keyword niche categories. Funny t-shirt could be considered a niche which shows an estimated 28,952 monthly search volume.

Sometimes a keyword or phrase with a search volume of 25 – 30 thousand has less websites competing for that word or phrase which could mean the demand is somewhat high and the websites that cater (or supply)to the keyword/niche are low.  

Are you with me so far? 

T-shirt or any online business would need Search Engine Optimization to monetize. When the search engine returns URL’s for a particular search your online website needs to be listed (ranked in the top 10).

I’m going to state the obvious here; the higher your search engine page rank the better chances are someone will go to your website. When a potential customer gets to your website it is up to you to convert them into paying customers.

Online T-shirt business entrepreneurs must get their website indexed and optimize their website for the search engine robots that search the web for relevant information.

Go to my sitemap and read the article on Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) to get an understanding of how search engine robots determine what type of website content is considered relevant.

Keep in mind, the opposite of relevant is “spammy” and search engines don’t like spammy websites. 

For those of you who already have a website but no optimization, start concentrating on keywords or phrases that are relevant to your product to see how people look for those services online. 

All online t-shirt enthusiasts use search engines to find what they are looking for.   Wrong!  Don’t forget about “word of email” (get it; instead of word of mouth), forums, chat rooms, myspace, blogs, etc.

You may consider creating an account for you're online business with each of the aforementioned  virtual meeting places being sure to keep web site optimization in mind.



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