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Learn How And Where To Sell Digital Photographs

Photography is an extremely fascinating and interesting field. Photography starts out as a hobby for most “professional photographers”.

The first step to becoming a professional photographer is to see if anyone finds your photos worth viewing, posting on their website, or purchasing.

Here are some useful tips regarding how to sell photograph, where to sell photograph and other challenges related to the field of photography.

The first challenge for those aspiring to become professional photographers is, mastering the art of taking precious pictures. You don’t have to have extremely steady hands with today’s photo technology.

Once you are comfortable with your eye for a great shot you need to determine how to market your work.

Where to sell photographs and through which mode is something that you need to know. Photographs can be sold by several methods, i.e.

• Selling Wholesale:

Retail stores handle the displaying as well as selling of your work to customers. Usually, your margin in the retail price is about 50%. But by possessing one wholesale account, more of your pictures can be sold than if done by you individually. Note cards, posters, postcards, etc. are popular wholesale items.

• Selling By Organizing Shows:

You are required to be personally present, interact with people, answer their queries, pay the state sales tax, carry inventory and arrange the show and so on. Venue selection has a critical bearing on your success chances. Town libraries, famous hotels, etc. are amongst good locations to advertise your work.

• Selling Through Consignment:

Galleries display your work and if sold, you get the money. Payment of sales tax is handled by the gallery. This is suitable for expensive and large pieces as inventory displaying and carrying is done by galleries.

Your work also gets recognized in magazines, newspapers, etc., which are in itself a good place for advertising your work to be sold.

• Selling Photos Online:

Those looking to purchase photos do so by category, for instance if a company is looking for photos of business women or board meeting photos they will search in the business category.

Be sure to place your photos in multiple related categories when applicable. Be sure to match your photos with the right online photo agency, if your photos are unlike anything on the net it would be wise for you to start your own online photo gallery and attract others with similar tastes to post their photos to your site.

Presentation is very important. People prefer a decent and neat presentation style. Some people do a great deal of contemplating over how to present pictures to the public.

In fact, it is one of the biggest reasons for the confusion about how to or where to sell their professional photographs.

Libraries usually do not sell photographs. They only agree to display it. Although there is no such rule of thumb whatsoever. Exhibition halls or stores exhibiting your work usually charge certain percentage of the total sales.

Selling price should be decided after considering all these factors. There are numerous websites devoted to photography. The expenses involved in Internet marketing are like “a dime for a diamond”.

Once your work has caught the online public eye it will be passed around like good advice. The expense of marketing your photos online is small compared to the exposure which leads to profits

If your photographic talent is on par with the competition you then need to find a niche or signature style that will set you apart from everyone else.


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