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Bookkeeping Services in India—Favorite Destination for Outsourcing Companies Worldwide!

If you are looking for a company that can offer bookkeeping services in India you are bound to get the desired services at a very competitive price. You can easily find a large number of companies that offer a range of bookkeeping services.

As well as outsourcing your businesses "books" to India others have started an Internet Bookkeeping business and outsourced the work to India. This has proven to be far more cost effective than hiring stateside.

Unquestionably, for any successful organization bookkeeping services are very essential. Therefore a great care should be taken while choosing any good company to handle bookkeeping for your organization. It is a difficult task, as it requires a special set of skills and resources for conducting this activity within an organization.

Bookkeeping services in India are highly favored worldwide and as a result, bulk of this work is outsourced to India. The main reason behind this is, work in India is extremely cost effective and of excellent quality, as compared to other parts of the world. Most of these bookkeeping services are focused at helping their customers with the management, accounting and tax preparation needs and significantly reducing their finance and accounts operating costs. 

In today’s competitive market, process times between the introduction of two services or products have considerably shortened for surviving changing customer preferences and global business competition. Organizations in developing countries are increasingly partnering other organizations in developed economies providing world-class service. This adds maximum strategic value and provides high operational efficiency in the production of these services and products. And, here bookkeeping services in India are no more an exception. 

The work involved in bookkeeping services is concerned with maintenance and documentation of the financial records of a particular organization. These financial records include information about profit as well as loss (income statement), accounts receivable and payable, receipts and expenditures, journal entry and transaction entry, general/expenses ledger and equipment/assets ledgers, balance sheet and statements of cash flow and finance, ageing report as well as summaries, reconciliation of bank accounts and several others. When you outsource bookkeeping services in India, you definitely get value for every single penny spent on these companies. 

Experts firmly believe that bookkeeping services are an integral part of the management system of a company concerned with its financial records. Also there is a major shortage of specialized professionals and trained workforce in the knowledge-intensive divisions of developed economies. Full time as well as part time bookkeeping professionals cost more in these countries. Consequently, these services are outsourced to India. Bookkeeping services in India are of high standards and these organizations profit in various ways like: 

  • Efficiency is improved.

  • Operating costs are reduced.

  • Overhead, training and manpower costs are reduced.

  • Helps in offloading functions which are non-core.

  • Specialized talent pool is available.

  • Government regulations and capital expenditures are favorable.

India’s expertise in information technology is another selling point for outsourcing bookkeeping services. In today’s high-tech world, dedicated accounting softwares, databases and computer spreadsheets are employed by bookkeepers for maintaining the financial records. Consequently, bookkeeping services in India are now also providing e-accounting services. Personalized and professional online bookkeeping services in India cover the entire scope of bookkeeping and customers have the flexibility to choose what they require. Additional tasks such as payroll, billing and procurement are also performed by bookkeepers nowadays due to the I.T services available at their disposal. Some other value added tasks performed by bookkeepers these days are: 

  • Making reports on expenses incurred on individual events, products, offices, lines or regions.

  • Formulating reports on customers for deciding which ones are the most profitable.

  • Reports depicting company expenses, revenues of individual employees and consecutive costs of employing them.

  • Providing expert advices for minimizing tax liabilities.

  • Computerized processing and analysis of bookkeeping information and checks.

  • Producing VAT returns on a quarterly basis.

Hence, on account of India’s expertise in IT sector and its huge, specialized and highly talented workforce having the ability to handle complex projects makes it a favorable destination for outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping work. Most of these Bookkeeping services in India have proficiency across all the major accounting software used in the industry for bookkeeping services, such as Quick Books, MYOB, Business Vision, Simply Accounting, Case Ware, Sage and Peachtree. So what are you waiting for, outsource bookkeeping services to India and experience the difference in efficient functioning of your organization.


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