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Internet business

If you're thinking of starting a Internet business you need to change the way you think about how the online business community works. Ask you're self; how can I get online sponsorship?

Lets see: radio and television shows get sponsored. Companies pay Television and networks to advertise during there shows, right? Its a fact that companies pay more to advertise on Radio and television shows that draw the largest audience.

There are thousands of Internet businesses but lets discuss online businesses that build a proven income stream over time. Google Adsence and the like allow highly visited websites the opportunity to advertise ads that have relevance to their website.

If your Internet business is about African Spider Monkeys Google gives you source code to add to your website and viola' your site will advertise companies that cater to African Spider Monkeys. Keep in mind, your website content must be "optimized" for the phrase African Spider Monkeys in order for relevant ads to appear.

Ok, how do you get paid? When someone visits your website and takes interest in one of the ads (and clicks on it) you get paid a percentage. These are Pay Per Click as apposed to Pay Per Sale. Easy money eh?


You must know how to attract an audience, get your site high page rank in the search engines (Search Engine Optimization), and then you will get paid more for your Adsence ads.

As your visitors and page rank grow so will the zeros in your Internet business checks. So what are we talking about here? Building a website that generates high sponsorship payments?


Because if you look at it for what it really is, Google is paying you to advertise other peoples' products. Will you be giving the World Wide Web what you think they would be interested in?


Give the WWW what you "know" they are interested in. Change the way you think about an Internet home based business. It is important to have the majority of the facts when starting an Internet business.

Marketing your website through search engine indexes is one way to get a highly targeted amount of traffic. Search engine indexes keep track of what words or phrases people search on and how often they search. this information is valuable because you can build your website around those keywords or phrases.

Remember there are many online business models but the models that involve your own website need S.E.O. and a little known skill called Latent Semantic Indexing for quality content.



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