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Adsense Home Based Business

Adsense is an attractive home based business model. You don't have to stock or provide physical service to anyone. With Google Adsense everything is done virtually. Who can argue that creating a website, putting ads on it and getting paid everyday when someone clicks on those ads isn't easy?

Ok, maybe easy is too light of a word. With Adsense you do have to use your creativity, research, analytical skills, combined with online marketing. With an Adsense business you have to continue to stay abreast of what changes are occurring with search engine algorithms and your market.

Search engine marketing for Adsense

Google has implemented numerous changes to their search engines to eliminate junk or spam web sites from being returned when you do a search. In order to be profitable with Adsense ads you must have relevant content on your website, some keyword or phrase density, and proper site link structure.

Google has set the standard for other search engines like MSN and Yahoo.

Adsense marketers cater to their market by providing them with information or services of their interest. Typically marketers look for a market niche in a keyword or phrase with high search engine volume trends and minimal competition.

Using these keywords marketers then create Blogs, Forums, Ezines, etc jammed packed with articles and other content relevant to their niche.

Once signed up with Google they will instruct you on how to place Adsence ads on your content rich website.  Google Adsense gives sites with quality content and a high number of backlinks high page ranking. High page rank means when people search for a work or phrase in that resides within your website content they are more than likely going to see your web site listed in the results on the right. To get high page ranking is not an easy task.

Although know one knows the exact ratio, Google Adsense pays more per click for ads clicked on by sites that have a large number of visitors. To be profitable with Adsense it is important to know what Google considers quality content.

My personal favorite marketing strategy for Adsense is Article marketing. Article marketing is when you create a website with one them in mind that is full of articles with a high search volume and hopefully low competition.

Articles written for search engine marketing must discuss one topic each and have no less than 12-15% keyword or phrase density for search engine robots to determine that your article is about said keyword or phrase.

If you have an Adwords account (if not, get one now!) you can use its keyword variation tool to see keyword trends and volumes. The Google Keyword variation tool will assist in choosing the right keywords for your page content.

Google is a very wealthy company and they have devoted resources to prevent "click fraud". Click fraud comes in many fashions. I've read where webmasters hire people to go to their websites and click on Google Adsense ads all day. Google is aware of this and hands down stiff penalties.

Other unsavory methods of cheating Adsense is through "spammy" content which can be defined as a websites who's pages repeat a keyword or phrase without any real value in the content. Google is on the cutting edge of creating an algorithm that can determine if a website has quality content by the words it uses in conjunction with its keywords (synonyms). What this means for Adsense marketers is that you will not be able to create a site that repeats a word or phrase multiple times and hope to get high page rank.

As well as the proper choice of content there have been numerous tests performed to determine what website directory structure Googlebots favor over others.

Broken links in your site will not be looked upon favorably with any search engine robot.

The sites with a Silo directory structure are out ranking others in competitive markets.

Proper web site directory structure is easy for search engine robots to crawl through your entire site. If your website content is what it should be a Googlebot can determine what your site is about.

What this means for those of you interested in Adsense is:

  • once you find a need,

  • blueprint a website,

  • build said website

  • ensure you're using LSI in you're content

  • set up a Silo directory structure

  • generate quality back links

your on the way to a online profits.

Next, you must get your website in the search engines index. I suggest posting your home page to web directories for indexing. There is more to profiting from Google Adsense than creating a website and hoping for the best.

Backlinks for Adsense

Simply put; backlinks are a way search engine robots determine how popular your website is. More specifically, your backlinks or sites that link to you have to be quality sites related to the content of your site. Submitting your website and articles to directories are one method of getting quality backlinks.

Note: Getting backlinks is a long and tedious process, I suggest you outsource this. You want to be focused on creating fresh quality content.

You could build a website, sign-up with Google Adsense, place Google ads on you're site and pray you get to the top of the search engines and generate Adsense income. The fact is that if you follow this method you will never generate any income.

Keyword discovery, how to write articles, LSI, and SILO website structure are important tools needed build your Google Adsense empire. 


Google Adwords, pay per click marketing is not physically demanding either and that is why it also makes for an awesome Home Based Business.


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